Worksheet: Multiplying Numbers Using Bar Models

In this worksheet, we will practice drawing bar models and writing equations to represent one-step multiplication problems with numbers up to 100.


Daniel has 6 coins.

His 2 friends also have 6 coins each.

We can draw a bar model to show the total number of coins.

How many coins do they have altogether?


Madison and her 7 friends have 5 coins each.

Pick a model that shows the total number of coins.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Jennifer has 3 bars of chocolate. Each bar contains 2 pieces of chocolate.

Write an addition sentence to show how many pieces of chocolate there are.

  • A3+3+3=9
  • B3+2+3=8
  • C2+2+2=6


There are 4 teams in a race. Each team has 3 people in it.

Noah made this model. How many people are there?


Noah has 3 boxes of plates. Each box contains 5 plates.

How many plates are there in total?


Yesterday, there were 4 horse races and 4 horses took part in each race.

Pick the addition sentence that shows how many horses raced in total yesterday.

  • A4+4+4+4
  • B4+4
  • C4×4×4×4

How many horses were there?


There are 2 baskets. Each basket contains 3 oranges. How many oranges are there in total?


A boy drinks 5 glasses of water every day. How many glasses does he drink in 2 days?


A zoo ticket costs 5pounds. How much do 7 tickets cost?


Daniel bought 3 boxes of pencils; each box has 10 pencils. How many pencils does Daniel have in total?


How many wheels are there on 6 cars?


Charlotte has 6 vases and she wants to put 7 flowers in each one. How many flowers does she need?


Elizabeth bought 7 pencil cases. Each has 5 pencils. Find the total number of pencils.


Daniel reads 9 pages every day. How many pages will he read in 2 days?


Matthew has some cubes. Each one is 1 cm high. If he builds a tower of 9 cubes, how tall will it be?

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