Lesson Worksheet: Communication and Information Science • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying how people communicated in the past and describing how waves are currently used to communicate and send information.


Fill in the blank: Morse code is a pattern of signals that can be used for messages. A is used to send these signals through wires electronically.

  • Acomputer
  • Bsatellite
  • Ctelephone
  • Dtelegraph


Which of the devices below uses radio waves for long-distance communication?

  • AComputer
  • BTelegraph
  • CTelephone
  • DCell phone


Fill in the blank: An analog signal sends a continuous stream of information. A digital signal sends information using .

  • Avibrations
  • Ba pattern of sound waves
  • Ca pattern of light waves
  • Da pattern of digits


Digital communication uses binary codes to represent information. Which of these is part of a binary code?

  • APatterns
  • BOnes
  • CZeros
  • DAll of the above


Which of these is the process of writing instructions for a computer in a language it understands?

  • ATransmitting
  • BMessaging
  • CReceiving
  • DCoding


Some devices and systems can be used to detect objects. Which of the following is used to detect objects underwater?

  • ACell phones
  • BSonar
  • CX-rays
  • DLidar


Which device does not receive information digitally?

  • AAn analog radio
  • BA laptop
  • CA cell phone


The device below uses radio signals to communicate. Which part of this device sends out the signals?

  • AAntenna
  • BTransmitter
  • CReceiver


Pick the function of an antenna.

Television antenna
  • AReceiving a signal
  • BBlocking a signal
  • CSending out a signal
  • DTranslating a signal


Sally is listing different ways of communication in this table.

Group 1TelegraphRadio
Group 2TelephoneCell phone

To which group can communication satellites be added?

  • AGroup 2
  • BGroup 1
  • CNeither of the groups

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