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Lesson Worksheet: Birds’ Life Cycle Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the life cycle of a bird and comparing it to the human life cycle.


Look at this diagram.

Which areas show the differences between two things?

  • AAreas 2 and 3
  • BAreas 1 and 3
  • CAreas 1 and 2


Look at this diagram.

Where should the sentence “Mother takes care of babies” be added on the diagram?

  • AArea 3
  • BArea 2
  • CArea 1
  • DNone of the answers are correct.


Look at this picture of a human life cycle and a bird life cycle.

In what ways are human and bird life cycles the same?

  • AThey are similar in what they eat.
  • BThey hatch from an egg.
  • CThey grow and change.
  • DThey are similar in where they live.


Look at this diagram.

Fill in the blank: Birds and humans feed .

  • Awithout their mothers’ help
  • Bin different ways
  • Cthe same way
  • Don the same food


Look at the life cycles of humans and birds.

In what ways are human and bird life cycles different?

  • AWhat they eat
  • BHow they grow
  • CHow they are born
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


Look at these pictures.

What is another difference between human and bird life cycles?

  • AWhere they live
  • BWhat they eat
  • CHow they move around
  • DAll of the answers are correct.

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