Worksheet: Word Problems: Addition and Subtraction with Numbers up to 1000

In this worksheet, we will practice deciding which operations are needed to solve a word problem by drawing a model if necessary and writing an equation to record the solution.


A man has 675 LE and his brother has 214 LE. How much do they have altogether?


A shop sold 790 books on Wednesday and 205 books on Thursday. How many books were sold in those two days?


Look at the pattern: 2+6=820+60=80200+=800.

What number is missing?

  • A400
  • B500
  • C600

What is the next equation in the pattern?

  • A2,000+6,000=8,000
  • B20,000+60,000=80,000
  • C2,000+6,000=80,000


A man bought a cell phone for 506 LE and a camera for 390 LE. How much did he pay for both of them?


A girl bought toys for 161 LE and a cell phone for 394 LE. How much money did she spend?


If a person bought a watch for 113 LE and a shirt for 740 LE, how much did he pay for both of them?


A farmer has 377 hens and 293 ducks. How many birds does he have all together?


One school has 440 students and another has 253 students. How many students are in both schools?


On Sunday, 686 tourists visited the museum. On Monday, 126 tourists visited it. How many tourists visited the museum on those days?


377 ships crossed the Suez Canal in January, and 573 ships crossed it in February. Find the number of ships that crossed the canal in the two months.


Students want to plant 621 trees in their village. They have planted 476 trees. How many are left?


A shop has 953 bottles of drink. 230 were sold. How many are left?


A group of students want to raise 654 LE to get new sports equipment for their school. They collected 331 LE in the first month. How much more do they need?


108 students went on a field trip. The school has 209 students. How many did not go on the trip?


The temperature of the chicken Jennifer is cooking is 74F. Use the table below to determine the least amount the temperature will need to rise for the chicken to be safe to eat.

Type of MeatBeefChickenTurkeyFish
Safe Internal Temperature (F)150–155165–175160–170170–180


A shop has 940 kg of apples. 287 kg were sold. How many kilograms are left?


Victoria collected 796 stamps. If she gave 135 to her friend, how many stamps are left?


A school has 460 students. 282 of them have paid to go on a field trip. How many students are not going on the trip?


A district has 213 trees. If 2 of them are cut down, how many trees are remaining?


Madison went to the supermarket and bought a chocolate bar for 238 cents and a bag of chips for 125 cents. What is the total amount that Madison spent in the supermarket?


Daniel and Anthony were playing with two Lego sets. Daniel had 234 pieces of lego and Anthony had 123 pieces of Lego. How many pieces of Lego do they have in total?


If a man who weighs 67 kg is riding a donkey that weighs 171 kg, what is the total of their weights?


William knows that there are 259 students in his school and Sophia knows that there are 484 students in her school. How many students are there in the two schools?


Ethan has to deliver mail to 415 houses. He delivered it to 82 houses in one street and 107 houses in another.

Pick the best estimate for the number of houses he still has to deliver mail to.

  • A400
  • B300
  • C600
  • D200
  • E100

Find the exact number of houses left.

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