Lesson Worksheet: Unit Prefixes Science

In this worksheet, we will practice converting between units that have different unit prefixes.


How many meters are there in 1 kilometer?


Fill in the blank: There are micrometers in one meter.

  • Aa hundred
  • Ba thousand
  • Ca hundred thousand
  • Da million
  • Ea billion


How many watts are there in 1 gigawatt?


How many times larger is 1 gigawatt than 1 watt?

  • AA hundred million times larger
  • BA million times larger
  • CA thousand times larger
  • DA billion times larger
  • EA trillion times larger


How many watts are there in 3 gigawatts?


What is 2,000,000,000 watts in gigawatts?


How many nanojoules are there in 1 joule?


What is 4,000 meters in kilometers?


How many times larger is 1 megajoule than 1 joule?

  • AA million times larger
  • BTen million times larger
  • CA billion times larger
  • DA hundred thousand times larger
  • EA thousand times larger


How many micrometers are there in 1 meter?

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