Worksheet: SI Unit Multiples and Submultiples

In this worksheet, we will practice converting from a unit with a given SI prefix to the same unit with a different SI prefix.


A person in good physical condition can provide 1.00×10 W of useful electrical power by doing mechanical work, neglecting any problems of generator efficiency and practical considerations such as resting time.

How many people would it take to run an electric clothes dryer of power 4.00 kW?

How many people would it take to replace a large electric power plant that generates 800 MW?

  • A2.00×10
  • B8.00×10
  • C8.00×10
  • D4.00×10
  • E1.08×10


A device called an insolation meter is used to measure the intensity of sunlight. It has an area of 100 cm2 and registers 6.50 W. What is the intensity in watts per square meter?


The density of gold is 19.3 g/cm3. What is the density in kilograms per cubic meter?


The density of nuclear matter is about 10 kg/m3. Given that 1 mL is equal in volume to 1 cm3, what is the density of nuclear matter in megagrams per microliter?

yotta-Y1024yocto-y 10−24
  • A10 Mg/µL
  • B10 Mg/µL
  • C10 Mg/µL
  • D10 Mg/µL
  • E10 Mg/µL


Intensities to which the ear can respond, from the threshold of hearing to the intensity which causes damage after even brief exposure, differ by a factor of 10. If you could measure distances over the same range of values with a single instrument and the smallest distance that the instrument could measure was 1 mm, what would be the largest distance that the instrument could measure?

  • A10 km
  • B10 m
  • C10 km
  • D1 km
  • E10 km


What is the volume of Jupiter in cubic kilometers? Use a value of 10 m3 for the volume of Jupiter.

  • A10 km3
  • B10 km3
  • C10 km3
  • D10 km3
  • E10 km3


Mars has a mass of 6.42×10 kg and a volume of 1.63×10 km3.

Calculate the density of Mars in kilograms per cubic meter.

  • A3,940×10 kg/m3
  • B3,330×10 kg/m3
  • C4,000×10 kg/m3
  • D3,990×10 kg/m3
  • E3,560×10 kg/m3

Calculate the diameter of Mars in kilometers.


For an 𝑅𝐿𝐶 series circuit, 𝑅=100Ω, 𝐿=150mH, and 𝐶=0.25µF.

If an ac source of variable frequency is connected to the circuit, at what frequency is maximum power dissipated in the resistor?

What is the quality factor of the circuit?


What is the area of a circle 3.102 cm in diameter?


Restate the mass 1.93×10 kg using a metric prefix such that the resulting numerical value is greater than one but less than 1,000.

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