Lesson Worksheet: Removing Waste Biology

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the processes by which waste products are removed from the human body.


Removing waste from the human body is a crucial part of the process of maintaining a constant internal environment. What scientific term is given to the maintenance of a constant internal environment?

  • AExcretion
  • BRespiration
  • CHomeostasis
  • DMitosis
  • EPositive feedback


Which of the following correctly describes the correlation between the rate of respiration and carbon dioxide concentration?

  • AThe more cells respire, the lower the CO2 concentration in the blood.
  • BThe more cells respire, the higher the CO2 concentration in the blood.
  • CThere is no correlation between the rate of respiration and the CO2 concentration in the blood.


What is the primary method for removing carbon dioxide from the human body?

  • AExcreting it in urine
  • BExcreting it in feces
  • CExhaling it from the lungs
  • DSecreting it from the skin


A buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood can lower the blood’s pH. Why is it important that carbon dioxide is removed from the body?

  • AA decrease in pH can cause blockages in arteries.
  • BA decrease in blood pH has no effect on the body.
  • CA decrease in pH can change the structure of oxygen in the red blood cells.
  • DA decrease in pH can affect enzyme activity.


Why must urea be removed from the body?

  • AIf urea remains in the body, it can inhibit cell division.
  • BIf urea is not removed, it can break down cell walls.
  • CIf too much urea builds up, it can be toxic.
  • DIf urea is not removed, it will be stored as fat.


What substance (or substances) is urea formed by the breakdown of?

  • AUrine
  • BGlucose
  • CRed blood cells
  • DWater
  • EAmino acids


What is the primary method for removing urea from the human body?

  • AExhaling it from the lungs
  • BSecreting it from the skin
  • CExcreting it in urine
  • DExcreting it in feces


Which of the following is not a method of removing water from the body?

  • AShedding skin
  • BSweating
  • CUrinating
  • DExhaling


The structures that mainly function to decrease the body temperature when it exceeds the normal range are the .

  • Afatty cells
  • Berector muscles
  • Csebaceous glands
  • Dsweat glands


Melanocytes are responsible for the production of melanin, which is normally found .

  • Aprotected in the fatty layer
  • Bclose to the surface of the epidermis
  • Cdeep in the dermis
  • Din the inner layer of the epidermis

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