Lesson Worksheet: Linear Momentum Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the momentum of a particle moving in a straight line using the formula 𝐻 = 𝑚𝑣.


Determine the momentum of a car of mass 2.1 metric tons moving at 42 km/h.


Complete the following: The unit of linear momentum is .

  • Akgβ‹…km/s2
  • Bkgβ‹…m/s2
  • Ckg
  • Dkgβ‹…m/s
  • Ekg/m/s


A gun fires 97 bullets per minute. The mass of each bullet is 10 g, and the muzzle speed of the gun is 180 m/s where the muzzle speed is the exit speed of the bullet from the barrel of the gun. Find the momentum transferred to the bullets per second.


A car of mass 1,350 kg moves in a straight line such that at time 𝑑 seconds, its displacement from a fixed point on the line is given by 𝑠=ο€Ή6π‘‘βˆ’3𝑑+4ο…οŠ¨m. Find the magnitude of the car’s momentum at 𝑑=3s.


A body of mass 7 kg is moving in a straight line. Its position vector at a time 𝑑 is given by the relation rij(𝑑)=𝑑+5+𝑑+π‘‘ο…οŠ¨οŠ©, where ||r is measured in meters and 𝑑 in seconds. Determine the body’s momentum after 2 seconds.

  • A28+91ij
  • B14+13ij
  • C28+85ij
  • D56+84ij


Calculate the momentum of a stone of mass 520 g after it has fallen 8.1 m vertically downward. Consider the acceleration due to gravity to be 𝑔=9.8/ms.


A body of mass 17 kg moves in a straight line with constant acceleration of 1.8 m/s2. Its initial velocity is 22.3 m/s. Find the increase in its momentum in the first 5 seconds.


A rubber ball of mass 41 g was moving horizontally along a smooth surface. It struck a barrier at 62 cm/s and rebounded in the opposite direction at 45 cm/s. Find the magnitude of the change in its momentum as a result of the impact.


A body of mass 5 kg moves along a straight line. At time 𝑑 seconds, its acceleration is given by π‘Ž=(βˆ’6π‘‘βˆ’8)/ms. Find the change in its momentum in the time interval 6≀𝑑≀9.


A body of mass 12 g accelerated from rest at 19 cm/s2. Given that its motion was in a straight line, find its momentum 0.1 minutes after it started moving.

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