Lesson Worksheet: Anaerobic Respiration Biology

In this worksheet, we will practice recalling the reactants and products of anaerobic respiration, and comparing this process to aerobic respiration.


Complete the following statements using the words “with” or “without.”

Anaerobic means oxygen.

  • Awith
  • Bwithout

Aerobic means oxygen.

  • Awithout
  • Bwith


What reactant is required for aerobic respiration to take place but is not required for anaerobic respiration?

  • AWater
  • BCarbon dioxide
  • CLactic acid
  • DGlucose
  • EOxygen


For the following situations, decide whether the muscle cells in the human body are likely to be relying mainly on aerobic or anaerobic respiration to supply their energy requirements.

A person is running a marathon distance of 26 miles over 4 hours.

  • AAerobically
  • BAnaerobically

A child sprints 50 meters down a hallway in 8 seconds.

  • AAnaerobically
  • BAerobically

A rabbit in a garden spots a fox and immediately jumps away.

  • AAerobically
  • BAnaerobically


What product of anaerobic respiration in animal cells is not a product of aerobic respiration?

  • AWater
  • BLactic acid
  • CCarbon dioxide
  • DGlucose
  • EOxygen


Which of the following is a disadvantage of having lactic acid in the body?

  • AIf it is not broken down, lactic acid can cause pain in the bones.
  • BIf it is not broken down, lactic acid can change the shape of red blood cells.
  • CIf it is not broken down, lactic acid can cause the muscles to become more alkaline.
  • DThere are no disadvantages of having lactic acid in the body.
  • EIf it is not broken down, lactic acid can cause pain in muscles and muscle cramps.


When would the ability of cells to respire anaerobically be an advantage to a human?

  • ADuring short bursts of activity when oxygen intake is limited
  • BDuring long periods of moderate activity when oxygen intake is not limited


Which of the following is the scientific term given to the process of anaerobic respiration in yeast?

  • ADecomposition
  • BFermentation
  • CContraction
  • DConversion
  • EDeoxygenation


Which of the following is the correct word equation for anaerobic respiration in animal cells?

  • AGlucose carbon dioxide
  • BGlucose + oxygen lactic acid
  • CGlucose lactic acid
  • DGlucose + oxygen carbon dioxide + water
  • ELactic acid glucose


The diagram shows a basic outline of an animal cell.

Which letter indicates where anaerobic respiration occurs in the cell?

  • AC
  • BB
  • CA
  • DD


What key term in anaerobic respiration is described as the heavy breathing that occurs after intense exercise to break down lactic acid?

  • AOxygen debt
  • BCarbon dioxide debt
  • CRespiration debt
  • DLactic acid debt

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