Lesson Worksheet: Telling Time in 24-Hour Format Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice reading and telling the time on a 24-hour clock and recording the time in multiple formats.


The clock shows 13 minutes to 9 at night.

Write this time in 12-hour format.

  • A09:47 am
  • B09:47 pm
  • C08:47 am
  • D08:47 pm

Write this time in 24-hour format.

  • A08:47
  • B21:47
  • C09:47
  • D20:47


Write 13:06 in 12-hour format.

  • A02:06 pm
  • B01:06 pm
  • C01:06 am
  • D12:06 pm


How would a 24-hour digital clock show the time 01:30 pm?

  • A01:30
  • B01:42
  • C13:42
  • D13:30


It is 26 minutes past 11 in the morning.

Write this time in 12-hour format.

  • A11:26 am
  • B05:55 am
  • C05:55 pm
  • D11:26 pm

Write this time in 24-hour format.

  • A11:26
  • B23:26
  • C05:55
  • D17:55


The clock shows a time in the morning.

4 students write the time using the 24-hour clock.


Who gave the correct answer?

  • AMichael
  • BDaniel
  • CDavid and Daniel
  • DJackson
  • EDavid


William arrived home at 1847. His sister Jennifer arrived home at quarter to seven in the evening. Their dad, Anthony, arrived at 710 pm. Write their names in the order in which they arrived home.

  • AAnthony, Jennifer, William
  • BJennifer, William, Anthony
  • CWilliam, Jennifer, Anthony
  • DJennifer, Anthony, William
  • EWilliam, Anthony, Jennifer


Emma arrived at the cinema at 16:40. Her friend Noah arrived at 4:35 pm. Who arrived first?

  • AEmma
  • BNoah
  • CThey arrived at the same time.


True or False: The time is five to three.

  • AFalse
  • BTrue


True or False: The clock below shows the time 15:47.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Charlotte wants to buy some fruits, so she plans to go to the supermarket at 19:15. According to this, will she go in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening?

  • A
  • B
  • C

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