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Worksheet: Chromatography Methods


The stationary phase in ion exchange chromatography (IEC) is a cross-linked polymer resin with covalently attached functional groups. Which of the following is not a typical functional group used for IEC?

  • ACarboxylate ( C O O )
  • BSulfonate ( S O 3 )
  • CQuarternary ammonium ( C H N ( C H ) 2 3 3 + )
  • DHydroxyl ( O H )
  • EAmmonium ( N H 3 + )


Ion exchange chromatography is best suited to separate .

  • Ahydrophobic molecules
  • Bhydrophilic molecules
  • Cmixed metal sulfides and oxides
  • Dcations and anions
  • Elarge molecules, such as DNA and RNA


Which of the following statements about the mobile phase in Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) is false?

  • AIt has densities similar to a liquid.
  • BIt requires lower pressures than those needed for HPLC.
  • CIts mobile phase has the viscosity properties of a gas.
  • DIt gives better resolution than GC.
  • EIt has solvent properties of a liquid.


Which of the following gases is not a common carrier gas for gas chromatography?

  • AHelium
  • BNitrogen
  • CArgon
  • DOxygen
  • ECarbon dioxide


Which of the following GC detectors would most likely allow recovery of a sample after analysis?

  • AFlame photometric detector (FPD)
  • BFlame ionization detector (FID)
  • CHall electrolytic conductivity detector
  • DThermal conductivity detector (TCD)
  • ENitrogen-phosphorus detector