Lesson Worksheet: The Relationship between Division and Subtraction Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using models and repeated subtraction to write and solve a division problem.


There are 14 carrots.

The carrots will be shared equally between 7 rabbits.

Each rabbit will get carrots.

Find the missing number. 14÷7=


Fill in the gap with a mathematical expression:

If 24 pens are shared equally between six boys, they each get pens.

  • A24÷6
  • B246
  • C24+6
  • D24×6


Mohammed drew a part–whole model to solve 12÷3.

Which of the following part–whole models represents 12÷3?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

What is 12÷3?


There are 20 children.

After making 4 equal groups, there are children in each group.

Which division equation shows what we did?

  • A20÷10=2
  • B20÷2=10
  • C20÷4=5
  • D20÷5=4

After making 2 equal groups, use the division symbol (÷) to write an equation that shows how many children will be in each group.

  • A20÷10=2
  • B20÷2=10
  • C20÷5=4
  • D20÷4=5


A teacher wants to share 6 pencils and 8 erasers equally between 2 students. Use the ÷ symbol to write an expression for the number of pencils each student will get. Then write an expression for the number of erasers they will each get.

  • A(6÷8) pencils, (2÷8) erasers
  • B(6÷2) pencils, (14÷2) erasers
  • C(14÷2) pencils, (8÷2) erasers
  • D(6÷2) pencils, (8÷2) erasers


Choose a problem where the number of groups will be 16÷2.

  • ARemove 2 shapes from 16.
  • BPut 16 shapes with 2 shapes.
  • CPut 16 shapes into 2 equal groups.
  • DPut 16 shapes into groups of 2.


15 apples are going to be divided equally among 5 bags.

Pick the calculation that is equal to the number of apples in each bag.

  • A15+5
  • B15÷3
  • C155
  • D15÷5

How many apples are in each bag?


Osama wants to divide these 20 blocks equally into 4 groups.

Which of these is equal to the number of blocks in each group?

  • A20×4
  • B20+4
  • C204
  • D20÷4

How many blocks will be in each group?


12 balls are going to be divided equally between 6 boys. How many balls will each boy get?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


If you want to divide 12 pencils among 3 boxes equally, which of the following would be the result?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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