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Worksheet: Applications of Adding Three-Digit Numbers


Complete the following: , .

  • A13, 200
  • B4, 400
  • C31, 400
  • D2, 200


Complete the following: , .

  • Athree, 200, 300
  • Btwo, 200, 300
  • Ctwo, 200, 400
  • Dthree, 300, 400


If a man who weighs 60 kg is riding a donkey that weighs 149 kg, what is the total of their weights?


A farmer has 800 apples and sold 100. How many apples does the farmer have left?


A farmer plants 200 orange trees and 300 mango trees. How many trees did the farmer plant?


One school has 440 students and another has 253 students. How many students are in both schools?


A store sold 790 books on Wednesday and 205 books on Thursday. How many books were sold in those two days?

  • A895 books
  • B995 books
  • C994 books
  • D985 books


A store has 940 kg of apples. 287 kg were sold. How many kilograms are left?

  • A753 kg
  • B653 kg
  • C654 kg
  • D663 kg


On Sunday, 686 tourists visited the museum. On Monday, 126 tourists visited it. How many tourists visited the museum on those days?


377 ships crossed the Suez Canal in January, and 573 ships crossed it in February. Find the number of ships that crossed the canal in the two months.


A town needed more houses. The council built 194 houses in the town and 692 houses in a nearby village. How many houses were built in total?


A fruit vendor has 4 boxes containing 121 red apples each and 9 boxes containing 91 yellow apples each. How many apples does the vendor have?


A girl has 450 piastres. If her father gives her 175 piastres, how much money will she have?


If a student bought a ruler for 425 piastres and a pen for 375 piastres, how much did he pay?


A builder bought two pieces of land. One had an area of 456 acres, and the other had an area of 154 acres. Find the total area of land bought.

  • A510 acres
  • B610 acres
  • C609 acres
  • D600 acres


Complete the table below.

  • A867, 877, 967
  • B868, 877, 967
  • C868, 878, 978
  • D868, 876, 967

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