Worksheet: Properties of Addition and Subtraction of Integers

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and using properties of addition and subtraction on integers.


If 𝑎 and 𝑏 are two integers, where 𝑎+𝑏=𝑏+𝑎, can we say that 𝑎𝑏=𝑏𝑎?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Use the properties of addition in to find the following: 2,010+1101,010.

  • A110
  • B2,010
  • C1,110
  • D1,100
  • E1,010


Which equation shows the additive inverse property?

  • A10+(2+5)=(10+2)+5
  • B10+2=2+10
  • C10+(10)=0
  • D10+0=10


How can you use the commutative property and the associative property to arrange the numbers in the expression 46+25+64 so that they are easy to add mentally?

  • A(46+64)+25
  • B46+(25+64)
  • C(46+25)+64


Use the properties of addition in to find the following: 10+21+10.

  • A21
  • B31
  • C10
  • D10
  • E40


Which equation shows the associative property of addition?

  • A1+0=1
  • B5+1+11
  • C5+1=1+5
  • D1+(3+7)=(1+3)+7


Which equation shows the commutative property of addition?

  • A8+0=8
  • B8+(4+11)=(8+4)+11
  • C2+5=5+2
  • D2+5+4


Which equation shows the identity property of addition?

  • A7+0=7
  • B7+(1+4)=(7+1)+4
  • C2+5=5+2
  • D2+5+1


If 𝑎, 𝑏, and 𝑐 are integers, where (𝑎+𝑏)+𝑐=𝑎+(𝑏+𝑐), can we say that (𝑎𝑏)𝑐=𝑎(𝑏𝑐)?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Anthony is working at an amazing company. His salary is put into his account by the end of each month. Last month, his salary was 7,700 LE. At the beginning of the month, he took 3,600 LE to satisfy his commitments. Then, 3,600 LE, as a kind of bonus, was put into his account. Use the properties of addition and subtraction to determine his current balance.

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