Lesson Worksheet: Components of the Human Immune System Biology

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the structure and function of the organs, cells, and chemicals of the immune system.


Lymphocytes are white blood cells that play a key role in the immune response. Which type of lymphocyte produces antibodies?

  • ACytotoxic T cell
  • BT suppressor cell
  • CB cell
  • DNatural killer cell
  • ET-helper cell


What is a cytokine?

  • AA globular protein that binds specifically to antigens
  • BAn enzyme that destroys microbes in the blood and other body fluids
  • CA chemical messenger that mediates communication between immune cells
  • DA phagocyte that is active during an inflammatory response
  • EA structure in the lymph node where lymphocytes mature


The spleen is a site for maturation of some white blood cells.

What is another function of this organ?

  • AIt breaks down aging red blood cells.
  • BIt breaks down aging macrophages.
  • CIt makes and stores antibodies.
  • DIt makes blood clotting proteins.
  • EIt makes red blood cells in adults.


Which immune cell carries out phagocytosis during an immune response?

  • ANeutrophil
  • BHelper T cell
  • CCytotoxic T cell
  • DMast cells
  • ENatural killer cell


Where do all white blood cells originate?

  • AThymus
  • BSpleen
  • CLymph nodes
  • DLiver
  • EBone marrow


Where do precursor T lymphocytes go to complete their maturation?

  • AThymus
  • BLiver
  • CBone marrow
  • DLymph nodes
  • ESpleen


The organs of the immune system are scattered throughout the body, as shown in the figure.

What is the name of organ X?

  • ASpleen
  • BAdenoid
  • CTonsils
  • DBone marrow
  • EThymus


The figure shows a macrophage. What is the main function of this cell?

  • ATo secrete antibodies
  • BTo release histamine
  • CTo activate blood clotting
  • DTo engulf pathogens


The figure shows a cross section of a lymph node.

What cells can be found inside the structure?

  • ALymphocytes, macrophages, and other white blood cells
  • BOnly T lymphocytes in their final stages of maturation
  • CStem cells that develop into all types of blood cells
  • DAging red blood cells and their breakdown products


The organs of the immune system are scattered through the body, as shown in the figure. Which organ is the spleen?

  • AA
  • BD
  • CB
  • DE
  • EC

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