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Lesson Worksheet: How to Maintain a Healthy Nervous System Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the importance of the nervous system and explaining how to maintain it.


Emma, Anthony, and Isabella are talking about their lifestyles. Who is likely to have the healthiest nervous system?

  • AIsabella
  • BEmma
  • CAnthony


Emma made a table showing habits that are good and those that are bad for the nervous system.

Habits That Are Good for the Nervous SystemExercising regularly
Using tranquilizers or stimulants
Getting plenty of rest
Habits That Are Bad for the Nervous SystemSpending time in places with high levels of pollution
Using addictive substances

Which habit has Emma written in the wrong place?

  • AGetting plenty of rest
  • BSpending time in places with high levels of pollution
  • CUsing addictive substances
  • DExercising regularly
  • EUsing tranquilizers or stimulants


Fill in the blanks: Habits affect the health of our nervous system. has a positive effect on the nervous system, and has a negative effect.

  • AGetting enough sleep, getting plenty of exercise
  • BGetting enough sleep, using addictive substances
  • CUsing addictive substances, getting plenty of exercise


Emma has put some lifestyle habits into 3 groups.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Getting plenty of physical exercise
Getting plenty of rest
Using addictive substances
Spending time in places with high levels of pollution
Avoiding extreme excitement
Reducing your intake of stimulating substances

Choose the group (or groups) that shows habits that help in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

  • AGroup 1 and group 3
  • BGroup 2 only
  • CGroup 1 only
  • DGroup 2 and group 3
  • EGroup 1, group 2, and group 3


Mia drinks a cup of coffee.

young woman drinking coffee at home

What effect will the coffee have on her heart rate?

  • AIt will have no effect on it, so it will stay the same.
  • BIt will increase it.
  • CIt will decrease it.

Fill in the blank to explain your answer: Coffee the nervous system.

  • Arelaxes
  • Bstimulates
  • Chas no effect on


Ethan, Emma, and Anthony are spending the day together. They are talking about what they could do.

Who has an idea for an activity that will have a positive effect on their nervous systems?

  • AEmma
  • BEthan
  • CAnthony
  • DAll of them


Liam uses his smartwatch to compare how his heart rate changes after drinking coffee.

technology, health care, application and people concept -

Fill in the blank: Drinking coffee will his heart rate.

  • Adecrease
  • Bhave no effect on
  • Cincrease


Scarlett drinks 5 cups of coffee. How does this affect her ability to sleep?

coffee at home
  • AIt has no effect on her sleep at all.
  • BIt stimulates her nervous system and prevents her from going to sleep.
  • CIt makes her very tired and sleepy.


Which of the following situations will exhaust the sensory organs?

  • AWatching too much TV
  • BPlaying lots of games on a cell phone or tablet
  • CUsing the computer for long periods of time
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


Which of the following affects the nervous system passively?

  • AToo much extreme stimulation
  • BDrinking coffee
  • CPollution
  • DNone of the answers are correct.

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