Lesson Worksheet: The Sources and Preparation of Carbon Dioxide Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the sources of carbon dioxide gas, preparing, and testing for it.


What is produced when lemon juice is added to sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)?

  • ACarbon dioxide gas
  • BOxygen gas
  • CCarbon


When carbon dioxide gas reacts with limewater, a white precipitate is formed. What is a precipitate?

  • AA substance whose quantity and structure do not change during a chemical reaction
  • BCarbon dioxide in the solid state
  • CAn insoluble solid that is produced in a solution


A class tested whether combustion produces carbon dioxide. They followed the method below:

  1. Light a candle and place it in a glass cylinder.
  2. Put a glass cover over the cylinder.
  3. After 5 minutes, remove the glass cover and pour limewater into the cylinder.
  4. Put the glass cover back on the cylinder.

Which of the following observations would show that carbon dioxide gas was produced by the burning candle?

  • AThe limewater turned turbid.
  • BThe limewater stayed clear.
  • CThe candle flame reappeared.


Name the precipitate formed when limewater reacts with carbon dioxide gas.

  • ACalcium hydroxide
  • BCarbon
  • CCalcium carbonate


Fill in the blanks: When carbon dioxide gas is passed through (calcium hydroxide), the liquid turns .

  • Aclear limewater, turbid
  • Blemon juice, clear
  • Clemon juice, turbid
  • Dcloudy limewater, clear


The apparatus below was set up by a class to prepare carbon dioxide gas.

Should the class add water to the cylinder before the reaction begins?

  • AYes
  • BNo


  • ABecause carbon dioxide gas is heavier than water
  • BBecause carbon dioxide dissolves easily in water, so it cannot be collected easily
  • CBecause carbon dioxide does not dissolve easily in water, so it can be collected by displacement


A class set up an experiment to prepare gaseous carbon dioxide.

Fill in the blanks: Because carbon dioxide gas is than air, it is collected by displacement of air.

  • Alighter, upward
  • Bheavier, upward
  • Clighter, downward
  • Dheavier, downward


A class wanted to test whether plants produce carbon dioxide gas. They put a tube between a jar of germinating seeds and a jar containing clear limewater.

The next day, the limewater had turned cloudy. Fill in the blanks: This experiment showed that plants produce gas. This happens in a process called .

  • Acarbon dioxide, photosynthesis
  • Boxygen, photosynthesis
  • Ccarbon dioxide, respiration
  • Doxygen, respiration


A class set up an experiment to prepare carbon dioxide from calcium carbonate.

In what state of matter is the carbon dioxide that forms?

  • AGaseous state
  • BSolid state
  • CLiquid state


Fill in the blank: The reaction between limewater and carbon dioxide gas forms a white precipitate called .

  • Ahydrochloric acid
  • Bcalcium hydroxide
  • Ccalcium carbonate

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