Worksheet: Pressure

In this lesson, we will practice calculating the pressure produced by a force of given intensity over a given area and converting between different pressure units.


Which of the following represents a relation between pressure, š‘ƒ, force, š¹, and area, š“?

  • Aš¹=š‘ƒš“
  • Bš“=š‘ƒš¹
  • Cš‘ƒ=š¹š“
  • Dš‘ƒ=š“š¹
  • Eš‘ƒ=š¹Ć—š“


Which of the following is not a unit of pressure?

  • Akgā‹…māˆ’1ā‹…sāˆ’2
  • BNā‹…m2
  • CPa
  • DNā‹…cmāˆ’2
  • ENā‹…māˆ’2


A metal cube with a side length of 10 cm rests on one of its faces on a desk. If the cube weighs 5,000 N, what is the pressure exerted by the cube on the desk?


A body of weight 340 N stands on the ground on its base. If it exerts a pressure of 170 Pa on the ground, find the area of the base of the body.


A metal cylinder with a base area of 0.2 m2 is resting with one of its circular faces on the ground. If it exerts a pressure of 230 Pa on the ground, what is the weight of the cylinder?

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