Lesson Worksheet: Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators Mathematics • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with different denominators by partitioning and finding common denominators and writing the answer in simplest form.


Write 171312 in its simplest form.

  • A56
  • B1756
  • C16
  • D1656


The table shows the number of hours Daniel has been working the past 3 weeks. He normally works a maximum of 112 hours a month. How many hours will he spend working in week 4?

Number of Hours261329143019?
  • A261136 h
  • B261237 h
  • C271136 h
  • D56512 h
  • E852536 h


77,77110,000293710,000 to the nearest thousandth.


Calculate 112113. Give your answer in its simplest form.

  • A12
  • B1
  • C13
  • D16


Jacob hiked 10 miles. He ran for 164 miles and then walked the rest. Determine the distance Jacob walked.


Isabella wants to find out how much her dog weighs. She steps on the scale and reads her weight as 13158 pounds. The combined weight of Isabella and dog is 14778 pounds. How much does her dog weigh?

  • A14 lb
  • B6914 lb
  • C1678 lb
  • D1614 lb
  • E1658 lb


42111,00013571,000 to the nearest hundredth.


Liam and James are solving the problem 912725. Liam said that the answer is 2110, and James said that the answer is 2910. Who is right?

  • ALiam
  • BJames


Olivia solved 535212 as follows:

Using the same method, find 634313.

  • A216
  • B2512
  • C3512
  • D316
  • E323


Hannah finds the answer to 1014423 in three steps.

First, she finds a common denominator: 1014423=103124812.

Next, she regroups 10312 to help herself calculate: 10312=9+1512.

Finally, she subtracts the wholes then the fractions and finds the answer: 94=5 and 1512812=712, so 1014423=5712.

Use Hannah’s method to calculate the answer to 1047323.

  • A61114
  • B61921
  • C6911
  • D71921
  • E61721


Which number is 46 less than 4210? Give your answer in its simplest form.

  • A4
  • B41315
  • C4715
  • D3815
  • E3


Write 2110 and 124 as improper fractions with a common denominator.

  • A4220, 3020
  • B2914, 1614
  • C8140, 4240
  • D94, 64
  • E2110, 1210

Use your improper fractions to find the answer to 2110124. Write your answer in its simplest form.

  • A1220
  • B35
  • C310
  • D13
  • E45

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