Lesson Worksheet: Division by 5 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using various strategies such as models and times table facts to divide by 5 within 50.


Complete the following table:


If the price of five tickets to a park is 25 pounds, what is the price of one ticket?


The cakes on display in a bakery are arranged in rows and columns. There are 15 cakes in 5 columns.

How many rows of cakes are there?


Complete the following: 5÷5=.


What is 20÷5?


Which of the following sections of the table has incorrect data?

  • AB
  • BA
  • CC
  • DD


Complete the table:


Find the missing number: ×5=30.

Use the multiplication fact to divide 30÷5.


Suppose there is a division machine that divides any number you put in it by 5. If you need to divide 45 by 5, what will the machine’s result be?


An apartment building contains 10 apartments, divided equally among 5 floors. How many apartments are there on each floor?

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