Worksheet: Word Problems: Taking From

In this worksheet, we will practice solving problems to find the number of objects that are left after objects are taken from a group of up to 10 objects.


Daniel bought 9 eggs. He used 5 of them to make cakes. How many eggs are there now?


There were 6 fish in a pond. Birds ate some of them. Then, there were 3 fish in the pond. How many fish were eaten?


There were 6 eggs on a shelf, then 3 fell on the ground. How many eggs are left?


If a person gave a child 9pounds, and he spent 1 of them, how much does he have left?


6 students went to the dentist. 2 of them needed treatment. How many did not need treatment?


A football team has 9 players. If 1 of them was injured, how many could play in a match?


There are 4 cars in a car park. If 2 cars left, how many cars are there in the car park?


A boy had 7 pencils, but he gave 3 pencils to his sister. How many pencils does he have now?

  • A4 pencils
  • B5 pencils
  • C7 pencils
  • D3 pencils


A child had 7 marbles in their pocket, but 4 fell out. How many marbles are left?


A child had 6 balloons. 2 were blown away. How many are left?


You helped your mom bake 10 cookies. 3 of your friends ate one cookie each. How many are left?


If there were 8 rabbits in a farm and 2 of them ran away, how many rabbits are left?


A person bought 9 birds. 4 flew away. How many are left?


You had 7 balloons. If 4 of them popped, how many do you have now?


4 bees were flying around a flower. Then, 2 of the bees flew away.

How many bees are left?


There are 7 monkeys and 3 of them have bananas. How many monkeys do NOT have bananas?


A pizza was cut into 10 slices. 3 of them were eaten.

Complete the subtraction sentence with the number of slices that are left.


Michael had 4 apples. He ate 2 of them. How many apples were left?


There are 4 frogs in a lake, and then 3 frogs jump away. How many are left?


Michael has 8 pieces of candy. He gives his friends 3 of them. How many pieces of candy does he have?


If we have 5 carrots and a rabbit eats 3 of them, how many carrots are left?


Emma had 2 balloons. 1 of them was lost. How many balloons were left?


A clown is playing with 9 balls. 2 balls fall. How many balls are left?


There are 4 balloons; 2 of them popped. How many balloons are left?


In a garage, there were 9 cars. 3 of them left. How many cars were left in the garage?

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