Lesson Worksheet: Multiplying Multiples of 10 Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying two multiples of 10.


What is 60×40?


Fill in the blanks: 30×30=×100=.

  • A6, 600
  • B12, 3,900
  • C3, 300
  • D9, 900


What is the result of 7×3?

What is the result of 7×30?

What is the result of 70×30?


David wants to calculate 20×30.

Which of the following is the same as 20×30?

  • A2×3×10
  • B2×10+3×10
  • C2×3×10×10
  • D2×3
  • E20×30×10×10

Find the result of 20×30.


Find the missing number in the following equation: 30×=1,500.


Daniel walks his dog for 20 minutes every day. After 70 days, for how many minutes, in total, will he have walked?


Given that 4×7=28, find 40×70.

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