Worksheet: Units of Pressure

In this worksheet, we will practice converting between pressure units such as bar, torr, pascals (Pa), atmospheres (atm), and millimeters of mercury (mmHg).


What is 773.0 mmHg in units of bar?


What is 3.58 bar in units of millimeters of mercury?

  • A2.64×10 mmHg
  • B2.76×10 mmHg
  • C2.69×10 mmHg
  • D2.72×10 mmHg
  • E2.81×10 mmHg


What is 1.000×10 torr in Pascals?

  • A1.520×10 Pa
  • B1.316×10 Pa
  • C1.333×10 Pa
  • D1.369×10 Pa
  • E1.540×10 Pa

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