Worksheet: Why We Need Light

In this worksheet, we will practice on how to recognize the way that light is reflected from different surfaces.


Fill in the blanks: Shiny objects light and dull objects light.

  • Arepel, attract
  • Breflect, absorb
  • Cabsorb, reflect


Fill in the blank: In this photograph, the image of the moon is not evenly reflected. This is because the surface of the water is .

Moon without reflection in water-72 ppi
  • Asmooth
  • Brough
  • Cshiny
  • Ddull


Why is the lamp reflected on the window?

  • ABecause the glass is dull.
  • BBecause the glass is shiny.
  • CBecause the glass is transparent.


This baby can see their face in the mirror because it is reflecting light evenly.

Which two properties of the mirror help create an even reflection?

Fun cute baby seeing self in mirror-72 ppi
  • ASmooth and shiny
  • BCurved and dull
  • CSmooth and dull
  • DCurved and shiny


What is a reflection?

  • AWhen light bounces off an object
  • BWhen something gives off its own light
  • CWhen light shines through an object


The image shows that light is reflected off the white T-shirt.

What happens to the light when it reaches the black T-shirt?

  • AThe light passes through.
  • BThe light is absorbed.
  • CThe light is reflected.

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