Lesson Worksheet: Microscopes Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the parts of a microscope, calculating total magnification, and describing how a specimen can be prepared and viewed using a microscope.


A student drew an animal cell they had observed under the microscope. The diameter of the cell they drew was 100 mm, but the actual size of the cell was 0.01 mm.

How many times larger was the drawing than the actual cell?


Why is a microscope slide made of glass?

  • ATo make sure that it fits on the stage
  • BSo that the sample can be stained
  • CSo that light can pass through it
  • DTo help magnify the sample
  • ESo that it will not break when viewing


When observing a specimen under a microscope, what step should be done first?

  • ASelecting the objective lens with the highest (high-power) magnification
  • BLooking through the eyepiece and turning the fine-focus knob
  • CSelecting the objective lens with the lowest (low-power) magnification
  • DLooking through the eyepiece and turning the coarse-focus knob
  • ESelecting the objective lens with the middle (medium-power) magnification


The table shows the magnification of lenses in 5 different microscopes.

Choose the microscope that gives the highest total magnification.

Microscope Eyepiece Lens Objective Lens
A 10x20x
B 5x50x
C 10x10x
D 5x10x
E 10x4x
  • AD
  • BC
  • CB
  • DA
  • EE


What is the total magnification of a microscope with an eyepiece of 10x and an objective lens of 10x?

  • A1,000x
  • B100x
  • C20x
  • D10x
  • E1x


Which part of a microscope allows for the magnification to be adjusted?

  • AThe light source
  • BThe fine focus
  • CThe objective lenses
  • DThe coarse focus
  • EThe eyepiece lens


Why does a specimen observed using a microscope need to be very thin?

  • ABecause it enables the slide to be moved on the stage
  • BBecause the specimen needs to be dissolved in water
  • CBecause it prevents the specimen from drying up
  • DBecause light needs to be able to pass through it
  • EBecause there needs to be room for the high-power lens


Why is a colored dye (a stain) sometimes used when preparing a slide for viewing?

  • ATo make transparent cells visible
  • BTo reduce the amount of light passing through
  • CTo kill the cells so they do not move
  • DTo make the cells look larger
  • ETo separate the cells so they are easier to see


What does the prefix micro- mean, as used in the words microscope and microorganism?

  • AAlive
  • BVery small
  • CLight
  • DEnlarge
  • ECells


What word describes any sample or object that is observed?

  • AA slide
  • BAn eyepiece
  • CAn objective
  • DA stage
  • EA specimen

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