Lesson Worksheet: The Preparation and Physical Properties of Oxygen Science

In this worksheet, we will practice preparing oxygen from the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and describing rusting as a disadvantage of atmospheric oxygen.


Which of the following statements about rusting is true?

  • AIt is not formed in the presence of oxygen.
  • BIt can cause damage to tools and structures made of iron.
  • CIt can happen to all metals.


Oxygen gas can be prepared in the following reaction:

What is the catalyst in this reaction?

  • AOxygen gas
  • BHydrogen peroxide
  • CManganese dioxide
  • DWater


Oxygen gas is produced when hydrogen peroxide decomposes in the presence of a catalyst. What is a catalyst?

  • AA substance whose quantity and structure do not change during a chemical reaction
  • BA substance that is used up during a chemical reaction
  • CA substance whose quantity changes during a chemical reaction


Fill in the blanks: Rusting occurs when iron is in the presence of oxygen and . Unlike combustion, rusting is a oxidation process.

  • Ahydrogen, slow
  • Bozone, fast
  • Cwater, fast
  • Dwater, slow


How can the formation of rust be avoided?

  • ABy leaving the iron outside
  • BBy soaking the iron in water
  • CBy coating the iron with paint


A class took some iron nails and left them in a humid environment for three days. A reddish-brown substance formed on them.

Old Vintage Rust Nails

What is the name of the substance formed?

  • ARust
  • BHydrogen peroxide
  • COzone


A class set up an experiment to prepare oxygen from hydrogen peroxide.

In what state of matter is the oxygen that forms?

  • ASolid state
  • BGaseous state
  • CLiquid state


A class set up an experiment to prepare gaseous oxygen from hydrogen peroxide.

Why does the oxygen gas formed collect at the top of the cylinder?

  • AOxygen dissolves easily in water
  • BOxygen is heavier than water
  • COnly a small amount of oxygen dissolves in water


Michael and Hannah are talking about the oxygen produced when hydrogen peroxide decomposes.

Who is correct?

  • AHannah
  • BMichael
  • CThey are both correct.
  • DThey are both incorrect.


Which reaction shows how to make oxygen in a laboratory?

  1. HydrogenperoxideWater+Oxygen
  2. HydrogenperoxideHydrogen+Oxygen
  3. HydrogendioxideWater+Oxygen
  4. HydrogendioxideHydrogen+Oxygen

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