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Lesson Worksheet: Combining Like Terms Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice simplifying an algebraic expression of degree 1 by combining like terms.


Which of the following expressions is equivalent to 3𝑥+46+𝑥?

  • A2𝑥+2
  • B2𝑥2
  • C4𝑥+10
  • D3𝑥+10
  • E4𝑥2


Find and simplify an expression for the perimeter of the triangle shown.

  • A7𝑎+6𝑏
  • B7𝑎+4𝑏
  • C7𝑎4𝑏
  • D5𝑎+4𝑏
  • E7𝑎6𝑏

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