Worksheet: The Beer–Lambert Law

In this worksheet, we will practice using the Beer–Lambert Law to calculate absorption from the molar extinction coefficient, path length, and concentration.


According to the Beer-Lambert Law, which two variables are linearly correlated if the path length of the cell is held constant?

  • ATransmission intensity and concentration
  • BConcentration and wavelength
  • CTransmission intensity and wavelength
  • DAbsorbance and concentration


Which of the following describes the correct relationship between absorbance and transmission?

  • A 𝑇 = ( 𝐴 ) l o g
  • B 𝐴 = ( 𝑇 ) l o g
  • C 𝑇 = 1 𝐴 l o g
  • D 𝐴 = 1 𝑇 l o g


An absorbance value of zero corresponds to 100% transmittance. What transmittance value corresponds to an absorbance value of 2?

  • A98%
  • B0%
  • C80%
  • D1%

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