Worksheet: Dividing Decimals: Decimal Quotients

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining the result of multiplying by 10 when dividing with decimals and using it to calculate quotients using long division.


Calculate 7.367÷73.6, rounding your answer to the nearest hundredth.


Given that 6,141÷69=89, find the value of 6.141÷0.089.


James uses the number fact 63÷7=9 to evaluate 0.63÷0.07. What result does he find?


A group of cats weigh 45.5 kilograms. Assuming that each cat weighs 4.55 kilograms on average, determine the number of cats in the group.


Liam buys 6.75 kilograms of apples. He is going to make bags of apples weighing 0.75 kilograms each. How many bags does he need?


Mason plays guitar 1.2 hours a day. If he played for a total of 10.8 hours, how many days did he play for?


A teacher asks Emma and Hannah to calculate 0.6÷0.01.

Which one of them is correct?

  • AHannah
  • BEmma


Ethan saves $3.30 a week. He wants to buy a toy that costs $9.90. How many weeks does he need to save until he can buy the toy?


Calculate the following:


Calculate the following:

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