Lesson Worksheet: Percentage Equations Mathematics • 7th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the part given its percentage and the whole or vice versa and solving problems involving percentage using proportions.


Fill in the missing value: % of 50 is 22.


In a family, 21 out of 25 members are female. What percentage of the family are female?


Emma collects stickers. With her allowance, she buys 5 stickers each week. She has worked out that her number of stickers will have increased by 20% after six weeks. How many stickers does she have now?


Write an equation to represent 23% of 619, and then solve it to the nearest tenth.

  • A𝑛0.23=619, 𝑛=269.1
  • B𝑛=0.23619, 𝑛=142.4
  • C𝑛23=6.19, 𝑛=3.7
  • D𝑛=2.3619, 𝑛=14.2
  • E𝑛23=0.62, 𝑛=37.2


Let 𝑛 be the percentage representing 260.7 out of 375. Write an equation for 𝑛 and then solve it. Round the percentage to one decimal place.

  • A𝑛260.7=375, 𝑛=14.4%
  • B𝑛=260.7375, 𝑛=9.8%
  • C𝑛375=260.7, 𝑛=69.5%
  • D𝑛375=260.7, 𝑛=7.0%
  • E𝑛=260.7375, 𝑛=97.8%


During target practice, an archer shot 389 arrows. If 23.3% of his arrows hit the bullseye, determine, to the nearest whole number, how many arrows struck the bullseye.


Write an equation that represents 0.5% of 84.8, and then solve it to the nearest tenth.

  • A𝑛0.5=0.848,𝑛=1.7
  • B𝑛84.8=0.5,𝑛=42.4
  • C𝑛0.5100=84.8,𝑛=17.0
  • D𝑛84.8=0.5100,𝑛=0.4
  • E𝑛0.5=0.0848,𝑛=0.2


Fill in the missing value: 614% of =25.


According to some studies, in the last century ninety percent of lions have disappeared in Africa due to habitat loss, hunting, loss of prey, and other factors. Today, there are only about 20,000 lions in Africa; they are extinct in 26 African countries. How many lions were in Africa 100 years ago?


Fill in the missing value: 27% of 500 is 15% of .

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