Worksheet: Comparing Ratios

In this worksheet, we will practice comparing ratios.


Scarlett uses 2 tablespoons of sugar for every 3 glasses of lemonade, while Natalie uses 3 tablespoons of sugar for every 6 glasses of lemonade. Who makes the sweeter lemonade?

  • AScarlett
  • BNatalie


Plane A flew 225 miles in 2 hours, while plane B flew 300 miles in 3 hours. Which plane had the faster rate (miles per hour)?

  • Aplane A
  • Bplane B


A restaurant has two offers. In the first offer, you can buy 3 pizzas for $75. In the second offer, you can buy 5 pizzas for $117.50. Which is the better offer?

  • AThe second offer
  • BThe first offer


The table shows the distances and travel times for three different flights departing from an airport.

Flight Destination Distance (km) Time (h)
1 A 1,590 2.5
2 B 2,049 3
3 C 2,243 3.25

Which flight had the highest average speed?

  • AFlight 3
  • BFlight 1
  • CFlight 2


Determine whether the following ratios are equivalent: 126 trucks to 42 cars and 252 trucks to 84 cars.

  • Ano
  • Byes


Michael wants to sign up for his school’s sports competition. In order to be accepted, he has to be able to run 400 meters in 1 minute. Michael took 20 seconds to run 100 meters. If he could run at the same rate, would he qualify to take part?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Mason, Liam, and James are biking. Mason can bike 2 miles in 20 minutes, Liam can bike 3 miles in 25 minutes, and James can bike 6 miles in 66 minutes. Who cycles at the fastest rate?

  • AJames
  • BLiam
  • CMason


Michael is selling tickets for a charity football game. The table shows the number of tickets purchased and the total price paid for three different people.

Person Tickets Purchased Total Price in Dollars
𝐴 2 127
𝐵 4 247
𝐶 6 326

Which person paid the lowest price per ticket?

  • A 𝐵
  • B 𝐶
  • C 𝐴


Which baker offers the better deal when buying 4 cupcakes?

First Baker $5.40 for 3 cupcakes “Buy three and get one half price”
Second Baker $5.95 for 4 cupcakes
  • Athe first baker
  • Bthe second baker


You want to put together a quiz team for a competition. During a practice session, Scarlett answers 23 out of 24 questions correctly and Liam gets 12 questions correct out of 21. Who would you recommend to join the quiz team?

  • ALiam
  • BScarlett


Which ratio does not have the same value as the other three?

  • A9 out of 18
  • B0.05
  • C 1 2
  • D 5 0 %


The table shows crop statistics for three different farms. Which two farms have the same wheat-to-barley ratio?

Farm Acres of Wheat Acres of Barley
A 930 210
B 1,860 275
C 2,635 595
  • AFarm A, Farm B
  • BFarm A, Farm C
  • CFarm C, Farm B


Use the table to determine which runners ran at the same rate.

Runner’s Name Miles Jogged Time (in Hours)
Liam 10 2
James 18 3
David 20 4
Michael 12 3
  • ALiam and David
  • BMichael and David
  • CJames and Michael
  • DLiam and James
  • EDavid and James


A township installed a new glass recycling container. They have three options for the frequency of discharge: every month, every two months, or every three months. Knowing that after three weeks, the container was one-third full, which option should they choose?

  • Aevery three months
  • Bevery month
  • Cevery two months


Daniel and Charlotte both have a keen interest in gardening and are concerned by the number of slugs that they keep finding in their respective vegetable patches. They want to compare the number of slugs in each of their gardens but, due to the differences in size of their vegetable patches, they decide to compare the number of slugs per square foot. Daniel’s vegetable patch is a rectangle with dimensions 5 ft by 3 ft and Charlotte’s is a circular patch with a radius of 3 ft. One Saturday morning, Daniel counts 21 slugs in his entire vegetable patch, and Charlotte counts 36.

Work out the density of slugs in Daniel’s vegetable patch.

Work out the density of slugs in Charlotte’s vegetable patch. Give your solution to one decimal place.

Who has the more severe slug problem?

  • ADaniel
  • BCharlotte


In Jacob’s class, 6 out of every 14 students play tennis. In Noah’s class, 9 out of every 27 play tennis. Is the ratio of students who play tennis in Jacob’s class the same as the ratio who play tennis in Noah’s class?

  • Ano
  • Byes

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