Lesson Worksheet: Sexual Reproduction in Animals Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the stages of sexual reproduction in animals.


During sexual reproduction, the male clown fish releases sperm over eggs that have been released by the female. The sperm then fertilize the eggs.

Goldflake maroon clownfish-72ppi

Select the other animal in which sperm fertilize eggs outside of the female’s body.

  • A
    Red-tailed catfish in the aquarium-72ppi
  • B
    Cat thai-72ppi
  • C
    Sylvester big rooster in a green field-72ppi


During sexual reproduction in animals, a sperm fertilizes an egg so it can grow into a baby.

New parents looking at their newborn-edited

Which parent does the sperm come from?

  • AThe female
  • BThe male


After fertilization inside a female tiger, an embryo is made. What is an embryo?

  • AAn animal in the early stages of development
  • BA newborn baby
  • CA new egg


Look at this table that shows the gestation period (the number of days that embryos take to develop) of different kinds of mammals.

Animal Human African elephant Cat Hamster
Gestation Period (Days) 270 645 64 20

What general pattern does the data suggest?

  • AThe bigger the animal, the longer the gestation period.
  • BThe smaller the animal, the longer the gestation period.
  • CThe size of the animal is not linked to the length of the gestation period.

What would you need to do to be sure of this pattern?

  • ANeed to research a lot more data
  • BNeed to see the baby animals after they are born
  • CNeed to see the pregnant female


This baby tortoise has been made by sexual reproduction.

Baby tortoise hatching-72ppt

How many parents are involved in sexual reproduction in animals?


This photo is of a penguin looking after an egg. A baby penguin will hatch from the egg.

Adult Gentoo penguin with egg-edited

Fill in the blanks: The egg was fertilized the female penguin’s body. The embryo develops the female’s body.

  • Ainside, outside
  • Binside, inside
  • Coutside, outside
  • Doutside, inside


Noah writes the stages of sexual reproduction in animals in his science book:

  1. Egg and sperm meet.
  2. The sperm joins with the egg.
  3. An embryo grows.
  4. The embryo develops into a baby animal.

Which number is fertilization?


True or False: The embryo always grows and develops inside the female’s body.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Fertilization is a stage in sexual reproduction in animals. What happens during fertilization?

  • AThe sperm is released next to the egg.
  • BA baby is born.
  • CThe sperm and egg join together.


Fill in the blank: A male animal makes inside his body, which is used in sexual reproduction.

  • Asperm
  • Bpollen
  • Ceggs

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