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Lesson Worksheet: Sun, Earth, and Moon Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the features, the phases, and the phenomena of the Moon.


When can a lunar eclipse occur?

  • AAt the beginning of the lunar month
  • BAt the end of the lunar month
  • CIn the middle of the lunar month
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


Which of the following is wrong about a lunar eclipse?

  • AThe Sun, the Moon, and Earth are on a straight line.
  • BEarth blocks the sunlight from the Moon.
  • CThe Sun is between Earth and the Moon.
  • DIt happens in the middle of the lunar month.


True or False: There are three types of a lunar eclipse, total lunar eclipse, partial lunar eclipse, and annular lunar eclipse.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Fady and Nada are discussing partial lunar eclipses.

Who is correct?

  • ABoth of them are correct.
  • BNeither of them is correct.
  • CFady
  • DNada


True or False: During a partial lunar eclipse, the whole Moon enters Earth’s umbra.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Sarah was reading about eclipses.

Which book is describing a lunar eclipse?

  • ABook 1
  • BBook 2


Yara and Amira made a model for the lunar eclipse as shown in the image.

Which part in the model represents the Sun?

  • AThe large ball
  • BThe lamp
  • CThe small ball

Which type of lunar eclipse does this model represent?

  • ATotal lunar eclipse
  • BPartial lunar eclipse
  • CAnnular lunar eclipse


Which of these pictures shows a total lunar eclipse?

  • APicture 2
  • BPicture 3
  • CPicture 1
  • DPicture 4


What type of eclipse is being described?

  • ASolar eclipse
  • BPartial lunar eclipse
  • CTotal lunar eclipse
  • DLunar noneclipse


Fill in the blank: A lunar eclipse happens when .

  • Athe Moon is between Earth and the Sun
  • BEarth is between the Sun and the Moon
  • Cthe Moon is in Earth’s antumbra
  • Dthe Moon is fully in Earth’s penumbra

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