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Worksheet: How Flowers Help Plants to Reproduce


Keisha was sitting in her garden when she saw a poppy seed explode and the seeds burst out. How will this explosion help the plant?

  • ABirds will have more food to eat.
  • BFarmers do not have to plant lots of seeds.
  • CKeisha does not have to plant any poppy seeds.
  • DThe seeds are spread across a wide area to help grow lots of new plants.


Why do plants make seeds?

  • ATo store food for plants
  • BTo produce food for animals and birds
  • CSo that the fruit does not hollow
  • DSo that they can grow new plants


The diagram shows the different stages in the life cycle of a plant.

At which stage are the seeds formed?

  • ASeedling
  • BFlower
  • CAdult plant
  • DFruit