Worksheet: How Flowers Help Plants to Reproduce

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the different ways that seeds are dispersed.


The diagram shows the different stages in the life cycle of a plant.

At which stage are the seeds formed?

  • ASeedling
  • BFlower
  • CAdult plant
  • DFruit


Why do plants make seeds?

  • ATo store food for plants
  • BTo produce food for animals and birds
  • CSo that the fruit does not hollow
  • DSo that they can grow new plants


Keisha was sitting in her garden when she saw a poppy seed explode and the seeds burst out. How will this explosion help the plant?

  • ABirds will have more food to eat.
  • BFarmers do not have to plant lots of seeds.
  • CKeisha does not have to plant any poppy seeds.
  • DThe seeds are spread across a wide area to help grow lots of new plants.


Plants rely on insects such as bees to help them reproduce. Flowers have adapted to become more attractive to insects.

Insects are attracted by flowers with bright colors. What else attracts insects to flowers?

A bee on wild flower pollens - squared
  • ATheir leaves
  • BTheir petals
  • CTheir scent

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