Worksheet: The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants: Flowers and Reproduction

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the role flowers play in the reproductive cycle of flowering plants and how they attract insects for pollination and fertilization.


The diagram shows the different stages in the life cycle of a plant.

At which stage are the seeds formed?

  • AAdult plant
  • BFruit
  • CSeedling
  • DFlower


Why do plants make seeds?

  • ATo produce food for animals and birds
  • BSo that they can grow new plants
  • CTo store food for plants
  • DSo that the fruit does not hollow


Plants rely on insects such as bees to help them reproduce. Flowers have adapted to become more attractive to insects.

Insects are attracted by flowers with bright colors. What else attracts insects to flowers?

A bee on wild flower pollens - squared
  • ATheir leaves
  • BTheir petals
  • CTheir scent


Which of the following species help to pollinate flowers?

  • AHummingbirds
  • BAll the answers are correct.
  • CBats
  • DButterflies
  • EBees


When the eggs in the ovary are fertilized by pollen, the ovary turns into a fruit.

What happens to the flower?

  • AThe petals grow.
  • BThe flower closes up.
  • CThe ovary becomes a seed.
  • DThe petals fall off.


The flowers on a sycamore tree grow seeds with wings.

How are these seeds dispersed?

Seed-72 ppi
  • ABy animals
  • BBy wind
  • CBy explosion


Complete the following sentence: Pollination is when is carried from one flower to another.

  • Aa seed
  • Bpollen
  • Ca bee
  • Dnectar


Which of these sentences is not true about fruits?

  • AFruits are important for dispersing the seeds of the plant once the flower dies.
  • BFruits are made by the part of the flower that contains the seeds.
  • CFruits do not have seeds inside of them.
  • DFruits attract animals to eat and carry the seeds of the plant for dispersal.


Which comes first in the life cycle of a plant, pollination or fertilization?

  • AFertilization
  • BPollination


Fill in the blank: Fertilization is when pollen joins to make a seed.

  • Aa seed
  • Ban egg
  • Ca bee
  • Da fruit


After an egg and pollen join together (fertilization), which part of the plant grows into a fruit?

Young sour apples-72 ppi
  • AThe roots
  • BThe stem
  • CThe ovary
  • DThe sepal


Insects that help pollinate flowering plants are known as pollinators. They are attracted to the bright colors of the flowers. Butterflies are pollinators. Choose another pollinator from the list.

  • ASpiders
  • BSnails
  • CBees
  • DSnake


How are plants that do not have brightly colored flowers pollinated?

  • ABy bees
  • BBy birds
  • CBy wind
  • DBy butterflies


There are different ways that pollen can be carried from one plant to another.

Which agent of pollination is shown in the picture?

Golden honeybee-72 ppi
  • AWind
  • BWater
  • CAnimal


The diagram shows how flowering plants reproduce.

Which of these statements describes what happens during fertilization?

  • AThe pollen from one flower travels down the pistil of another flower to fertilize the egg.
  • BThe pollen from one flower travels down the anther of another flower to fertilize the egg.
  • CThe pollen from one flower travels down the stem of another flower to fertilize the egg.
  • DThe pollen from one flower travels down the stigma of another flower to fertilize the egg.


Animals which help carry pollen from plant to plant are called pollinators.

In this image, the pollinator is a bee.

Which of the creatures listed are pollinators?

  • AButterflies
  • BSpiders
  • CWorms
  • DSlugs


Which stage in the life cycle of a plant comes right before fruiting?

  • AGermination
  • BFlowering
  • CFertilization
  • DPollination

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