Lesson Worksheet: Related Addition Equations Mathematics • Kindergarten

In this worksheet, we will practice writing a family of addition facts linking three numbers up to 10 and modeling them with part–whole models.


There are 11 black cats and 6 white cats for sale.

The total number of cats is 11+6=17.

Which of the following is also an addition sentence for the number of cats?

  • A11+17=6
  • B6+17=11
  • C6+11=17


Ethan had 3 candies, and Madison gave him 4 candies.

Write an addition equation for the number of candies Ethan has.

  • A3+4=6
  • B3+4=7
  • C4+3=5
  • D4+3=9

Which of the following is also an addition equation for the number of candies Ethan has?

  • A7=3+4
  • B8=3+4
  • C7+3=4
  • D8+4=3


Look at what Sophia did.

She knows she can write addition sentences to match the part-whole model.

Pick the addition sentences that match what she says.

  • A2+3=5
  • B5+3=2

  • A3=2+5
  • B5=3+2

  • A2=5+3
  • B5=2+3


David is making part-whole models to show one way of making the number 8.

Find the missing numbers in the addition sentences matching the part-whole model.






Which of the following addition equations does not match the given model?

  • A6+3=9
  • B9+3=6
  • C9=3+6


Consider the model shown.

Sophia and Amelia represent the given model as follows.

Who is right?

  • AAmelia
  • BSophia


This cube train can represent 2+3=5.

What other addition sentences can be represented by this cube train?

  • A5=2+3 and 5+2=3
  • B2=5+3 and 3+2=5
  • C5=2+3 and 3+2=5


Pick a pair of addition sentences that match the bar model.

  • A1+2=3 and 2+1=3
  • B2+1=3 and 2+3=1
  • C1+2=3 and 3+1=2


Pick a pair of addition sentences which match the part-whole model.

  • A2+3=5 and 5=3+2
  • B5+3=2 and 5=3+2
  • C2+3=5 and 2=3+5


Isabella knows that 7 and 1 make 8. Her friends try to write lots of addition sentences to show this fact.

Whose addition sentences are all correct?

  • AOlivia
  • BJennifer

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