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Worksheet: Money Word Problems up to $5


William had $4.50 to spend at the fair. He spent $1.25 on a snack and used 6 quarters to play different games.

How much money is left?


Daniel is at a yard sale and has a 1-dollar bill, 1 quarter, 1 dime, 3 nickels, and 4 pennies.

Yard Sale Prices
Paintbrush 89¢
Sticker Book 97¢
Puzzle 65¢

He can afford to buy two items. Which two items can he buy?

  • A the sticker book and the puzzle
  • B the paintbrush and the sticker book
  • C the paintbrush and the puzzle


Charlotte had 98¢ and Daniel had 67¢. They put their money together and then spent 82¢ on snacks. How much was left?


Olivia had $1.14. Then she was given 1 quarter and 2 nickels. How much does she have now?