Lesson Worksheet: Adding and Subtracting Money with Decimals: USD Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice solving word problems by adding and subtracting amounts of money written in dollar notation with decimals.


Jacob had $4.50 to spend at the fair. He spent $1.25 on a snack and used 6 quarters to play different games.

How much money is left?


Chloe had $1.14. Then she was given 1 quarter and 2 nickels. How much does she have now?


Natalie paid $2.25 for this hairbrush. How much change will she get?


Jacob has $80.75. If he buys this bicycle, how much will he have left?


A monthly plan for a cell phone package costs $15 for unlimited calls and texts but charges an additional 2¢ per megabyte of data used. Jacob used exactly 1,000 megabytes of data in a particular month. What was his total bill?


Ethan has $2.53. He won the coins in the picture shown. How much does he have now?


Mason bought a tie for $14.51 and a shirt for $23.38. Determine how much he will get back if he pays with a $50 bill.


Charlotte wanted to buy some snacks and juice. If she had $25 and bought some fruits for $14.35 and a gallon of apple juice for $2.22, find how much she would have after paying.


Natalie has $45 to buy chocolate. A white chocolate bar costs $3.87, and a dark chocolate bar costs $3.59. If Natalie buys 7 bars of white chocolate for $27.09, how can she determine the amount of money she has left to buy dark chocolate?

  • ASubtract $3.59 from $45
  • BSubtract $27.09 from $45
  • CAdd $3.59 and $27.09
  • DSubtract $3.59 from $3.87
  • EAdd $3.87 and $3.59


The prices for some items at a yard sale are shown.

Yard Sale Prices
Toy Bear$1.21
Card Game$1.13

How much will it cost to buy the toy bear and the card game?

Which coins could you use to buy the toy bear and the card game without receiving any change?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

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