Lesson Worksheet: Density of a Cubic Lattice Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the density of a cubic lattice using the molecular formula, lattice parameters, and Bravais lattice type.


Which of the following halide salts contains the fewest ions per unit volume?

  • AStrontium fluoride (density 4.24 g/cm3)
  • BCesium fluoride (density 4.64 g/cm3)
  • CLithium iodide (density 4.08 g/cm3)
  • DSodium bromide (density 3.21 g/cm3)
  • EMagnesium bromide (density 3.72 g/cm3)


Which of the following halide salts contains the most ions per unit volume?

  • ACalcium bromide (density: 3.35 g/cm3)
  • BPotassium bromide (density: 2.74 g/cm3)
  • CBeryllium iodide (density: 4.33 g/cm3)
  • DRubidium chloride (density: 2.80 g/cm3)
  • ESodium iodide (density: 3.67 g/cm3)

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