Worksheet: Speciation

In this worksheet, we will practice using Darwin and Wallace's ideas about evolution to explain how new species arise.


Which scientist spent many years gathering evidence from natural populations to support the theory of speciation?

  • AWallace
  • BMendel
  • CFranklin
  • DWatson
  • EDarwin


In speciation, which of the following options best describes when the separated population and the original population are considered to be two distinct species?

  • AWhen individuals from each group specialize to eat a certain food source
  • BWhen individuals from each group look different enough
  • CWhen there has been one set of offspring from every individual in the new group
  • DWhen individuals from each group can no longer reproduce to create fertile offspring
  • EWhen individuals from each group can no longer mate


Which scientific term is given to the following definition: A group of similar organisms that reproduce to give fertile offspring?

  • AKingdom
  • BSpecies
  • CGenus
  • DClass
  • EFamily


In speciation, what conditions change and provide the selective pressure?

  • ACommunicative
  • BTemporary
  • CEnvironmental
  • DPhenotypic
  • EGenetic


Fill in the blanks: In isolated populations, different mean different are advantageous and are therefore selected for.

  • Agenomes, genes
  • Balleles, environments
  • Cconditions, environments
  • Denvironments, alleles
  • Ealleles, genes


If a population cannot adapt to a new environment, it becomes extinct. Which of the following correctly defines extinction?

  • AMost individuals of a species are dead.
  • BThe genetic variation of a population is drastically reduced.
  • CAll individuals of a species are permanently lost.
  • DThe death rate of a population is higher than the birth rate.
  • EA species is at risk of not having any surviving members.


What is the process by which two species evolve from a single-origin species due to isolation?

  • ASpecialization
  • BDifferentiation
  • CClassification
  • DSpeciation
  • EDetermination

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