Lesson Worksheet: Nuclear Fission and Fusion Chemistry • 10th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice differentiating between nuclear fusion and fission reactions and writing balanced nuclear equations for both processes.


Nuclear fission is usually followed by a series of 𝛽 decays. How do these decays stabilize the smaller nuclei?

  • AThe atomic mass increases.
  • BThe nuclear charge increases.
  • CThe neutron/proton ratio decreases.
  • DThe atomic mass decreases.
  • EThe proton/neutron ratio decreases.


In a nuclear reaction, an atom of 21H collides with an atom of 63Li. Which of the following are not potential products of this reaction?

  • A324210He+4He+n
  • B7311Li+H
  • C322111He+2H+H
  • D2He42
  • E7410Be+n

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