Worksheet: Telling the Time Using "am"" and ""pm"""

In this worksheet, we will practice telling time on a 12-hour clock and using “am” and “pm.”


Yasmine eats a snack at 7:35 am and plays tennis at 7:35 pm. Which does she do first, play tennis or eat a snack?

  • AThey happen at the same time.
  • BShe plays tennis first.
  • CShe eats a snack first.


When Nabil went grocery shopping in the afternoon, the clock looked like this.

What time did he go grocery shopping?

  • A4:15 am
  • B3:20 am
  • C4:15 pm
  • D3:20 pm
  • E3:40 am


Jeremy walks his dog in the morning before school. What might the clock look like when he walks his dog?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


When Nabil went for a walk, the sun was coming up and the clock looked like this.

What time did he go for a walk?

  • A7:50 am
  • B6:50 pm
  • C7:50 pm
  • D6:50 am
  • E10:35 am


Sherif looked at the clock in the afternoon and recorded the time on this number line. What time was it?

  • A3:44 pm
  • B3:42 am
  • C3:43 am
  • D3:43 pm

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