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Lesson Worksheet: Fuels Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing different types and examples of fuels.


Fuels release energy when burned.

  • Athermal
  • Bkinetic
  • Cchemical
  • Dsolar


True or False: Oil is a non-renewable resource, while water is a renewable resource.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Some renewable fuels are called biofuels because they are made from .

  • Asand
  • Bliving things
  • Cgases
  • Drocks


What is the scientific term for the resource of energy that cannot be replaced easily, as it takes a long time to be formed?

  • AEfficiency of energy
  • BNon-renewable source of energy
  • CRenewable source of energy
  • DLaw of conservation of energy


is an example of a fossil fuel, while is an example of a biofuel.

  • ACharcoal, natural gas
  • BGasoline, natural gas
  • CNatural gas, charcoal
  • DNatural gas, gasoline

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