Lesson Worksheet: How Switches Work Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing how a switch works in a series circuit and identifying problems when using switches.


Switches can be made from a variety of materials, including household objects. Which of these objects do you think would make a good homemade switch?

  • APlastic spoon
  • BMetal fork
  • CWooden pencil


Fill in the blank: When a switch is , electricity flows, turning components on.

  • Aclosed
  • Bopen


What action can we take to make the bulb light up in the electrical circuit shown?

  • AChange the batteries
  • BCheck the wire
  • CReplace the bulb
  • DClose the switch


Explain why the bulb in this electrical circuit is not working.

  • ABecause wood is an electrical insulator
  • BBecause wood is an electrical conductor
  • CBecause the bulb is not connected to the circuit properly
  • DBecause the batteries are not placed correctly


Explain why the bulbs in this electrical circuit light up.

  • ABecause the switch is closed, so electricity can flow to the bulbs
  • BBecause the switch is open, so electricity can flow to the bulbs


Look at the diagrams shown. In which of the circuits would the bulb light up?

  • ACircuit A
  • BCircuit B


Identify the switch in the electrical circuit shown.


Fill in the blank: A switch is a component of an electrical circuit that controls the of electricity to other components, turning them on and off.

  • Aflow
  • Bwire
  • Cfield


Which of these numbers identifies the power button on the TV remote shown?


What is the arrow pointing to in this circuit?

  • AThe batteries
  • BThe light bulb
  • CThe switch
  • DThe wire

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