Worksheet: Multiplying by 1 and 0

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying whole numbers by 0 and 1.


What do you get when you multiply a number by 1?

  • A0
  • B1
  • Cthe same number


What is the product of any number and zero?


Complete: 6×=0.


When we multiply, we can think about equal groups of dots.

How many dots would there be if you drew 0 groups with 8 dots in each group?

Find the missing number: 0×8=.


When we multiply, we can think about counting equal groups of objects.

How many balls would you have if you had 3 boxes with 0 balls in each box?

Find the missing number: 3×0=.


Look at the example to see how we can write a multiplication sentence from an equal groups model.

Write a multiplication equation to describe the total number of the animals.