Lesson Worksheet: Multiplication by 4 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice modeling multiplication by 4 and multiply 4 by whole numbers up to 10.


What is 9×4?


Dima placed flowers in rows such that each row had 4 flowers.

She completed two rows and calculated the number of flowers as 4×2=8.

Complete: When Dima completed 5 rows, she calculated the number of flowers as 4×5=.

What is 4×9?

Hint: How many flowers are there in 9 rows?


Find the missing numbers by multiplying by 4.

Hint: Use the array to help you.





Each row is 4 more than the previous.

Find the result of the following:

Find the result of the following:


Use 3×4=12 to find 6×4.


Lobna uses doubling to help find the answer to 4×7 as follows:

  • 7 doubled is 14.
  • 14 doubled is 28.
  • So, 4×7=28.

Use Lobna’s method to find the answer to 4×10.

Fill in the blanks in the following.

10 doubled is .

doubled is .

  • A5, 10
  • B40, 80
  • C20, 40
  • D10, 20

So, 4×10=.


This picture represents a multiplication fact.

Fill in the blanks: ×4=.

Hint: Use skip counting to find the product.

  • A8, 24
  • B6, 10
  • C24, 6
  • D6, 24


Sarah makes these towers of cubes to represent ×2 multiplication facts.

Yara does the same for ×4 multiplication facts.

Which of these statements is not true?

  • AYara’s towers are twice as tall as Sarah’s.
  • BIf we add two cubes to each of Sarah’s towers, they will match Yara’s.
  • CThe number of cubes in each of Yara’s towers is double the number of cubes in Sarah’s towers.
  • DMultiplying by 4 is the same as multiplying by 2 and then doubling the answer.


Find the missing factor: 20=×4.


Sarah shades in all the multiples of 4 on this grid.

What is the eighth number she will shade in?

Which of these statements is not true?

  • AThe 2nd number Sarah shades in will be a multiple of 4.
  • BEvery number in the 2 times table is a multiple of 4.
  • CSarah will shade in the number 24.
  • DAll the numbers Sarah shades in will also be multiples of 2.

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