Question Video: Converting from Liters to Gallons Mathematics • 6th Grade

Convert 14.06 L to gallons, rounding the answer to the nearest tenth.


Video Transcript

Convert 14.06 liters to gallons, rounding the answer to the nearest tenth.

So we’re going from liters to gallons. And it is true that one US liquid gallon is equal to 3.78541 liters. So if we have 14.06 liters, we want to know how many gallons is that equal to. So we can actually set up a proportion and solve. So we have that one gallon is to 3.78541 liters as 𝑥 gallons is to 14.06 liters. So we will solve for the 𝑥 number of gallons by cross multiplying.

So we will take 𝑥 gallons times 3.78541 liters and set it equal to one gallon times 14.06 liters. Since we’re trying to solve for the 𝑥 number of gallons, we need to divide both sides of the equation by 3.78541 liters. They cancel on the left. The liter measurements cancel on the right. So on the numerator, we have one gallon times 14.06, which is 14.06 gallons. Now, we need to take that and divide by 3.78541. And we find that the 𝑥 number of gallons is equal to 3.71426 gallons.

However, we need to round to the nearest tenth, which is here at the seven. So we will either keep the seven as seven or round it up to an eight. So we look at the number to the right of it. Since it’s less than five, we will keep the seven a seven. Therefore, the number of gallons would be around 3.7.

Therefore, 14.06 liters is approximately 3.7 gallons.

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