Video: GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier Pack 5 • Paper 3 • Question 3

GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier Pack 5 • Paper 3 • Question 3


Video Transcript

Convert three fiftieths to a decimal.

Now often when we’re converting a fraction to a decimal, the method that we look at first is to divide the numerator of the fraction by its denominator, as that horizontal line between the two means divide. However, dividing by 50 is going to be tricky.

So what we’re going to do instead is find an equivalent fraction with a denominator that we can more easily divide by. As 50 is a factor of 100, because 100 is 50 times two, we’ll use an equivalent fraction with a denominator of 100. As we’ve multiplied the denominator by two to get from 50 to 100, we must do the same thing to the numerator so that the fraction is equivalent. Multiplying three by two gives six, so three fiftieths is equivalent to six hundredths.

Now there are two ways that we could convert this fraction into a decimal. Firstly, I read the fraction as six hundredths. So remembering our place value grid, this means that there will be a six in the hundredths column and then zeros in the columns that come before. So six hundredths is equivalent to 0.06.

Another way to work this out will be to remember that six over 100 means six divided by 100. And to divide by 100, we can keep the decimal point in a number fixed and move all of the digits two places to the right. So the six that was originally in the units column is now in the hundredths column. We then fill in zeros in the empty spaces before this six, and it gives the same answer of 0.06. As a decimal, three fiftieths is equal to 0.06.

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