Question Video: Multiplying One-Digit Numbers Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Fill in the blank: 9 × 3 = _.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank: nine times three equals what.

Perhaps you know the answer to this times table and could say it straightaway. But what if you don’t? What strategy could we use to help us? The question nine times three is really asking us, what are nine lots of three or three lots of nine. Now, we may not know what nine threes are, but there is a calculation quite close to this that we probably do know. If we know what 10 times three is, we can use this to help us. 10 threes are 30. And so nine threes are just one lot of three less than this, in other words, 30 take away three. The answer is 27. We found the answer to nine times three by finding three less than 10 times three. Nine times three equals 27.

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