Question Video: Finding the Percent of a Quantity with Simple Fractions and Integers Mathematics • 6th Grade

Order the following from least to greatest: 20% of 70, 75% of 70, 3/10% of 70.


Video Transcript

Order the following from least to greatest: 20 percent of 70, 75 percent of 70, and three-tenths percent of 70.

It’s important to note in this question that in each of our three options, we’re finding a percentage of 70. This means that we don’t need to work out the exact values. All we need to do is put the percentages in order from least to greatest. Let’s firstly convert three-tenths to a decimal. Three-tenths written as a decimal is 0.3. We could also think of this as three divided by 10. And when dividing by 10, all the digits move one place to the right.

We now need to compare the three percentages: 20 percent, 75 percent, and 0.3 percent. 0.3 percent is the least of these three values. Therefore, the smallest calculation is three-tenths percent of 70. The next smallest percentage is 20 percent. So the middle calculation is 20 percent of 70. The greatest percentage is 75 percent. Therefore, the largest calculation is 75 percent of 70.

The three calculations ordered from least to greatest are three-tenths percent of 70, 20 percent of 70, and 75 percent of 70. If the numbers that we’re working out the percents of were different, we would need to work out the exact value of each calculation.

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