Question Video: Dividing Multidigit Numbers by 3-Digit Numbers Using Long Division Mathematics

Calculate 64224 ÷ 223.


Video Transcript

Calculate 64224 divided by 223.

64224 is the dividend. 223 is the divisor. We start by asking how many times does 223 go into 642. I think 223 is about 220. 642 is about 640. If I think about 220 times three, that will equal 660. And that’s too big. Which means I’ll want to start this problem by trying the number two. I think that 223 will go into 642 two times.

The next step is to multiply 223 times two. And we do that by multiplying two by each term, starting with two times three, which equals six. Two times two equals four. Two times two again also equals four. After that, we subtract 446 from 642. I can’t take six away from two, so I need to borrow from my four, leaving us with three in that place and 12 in the hundreds place. 12 minus six equals six.

Now, I’m trying to subtract four from three, but that also is not possible. So, I borrow from my six, leaving me with five. Carry a one over, and now, in the thousands place, I have 13 minus four, which equals nine. In the ten thousands place, five minus four equals one. Now, we need to bring down the next digit to the right. Bring down our two. And ask, how many times does 223 go into 1962?

I’m wondering what times 220 will equal close to 1900. 220 times eight equals 1760. And that’s pretty close. So, let’s try eight times 223. Eight times three equals 24. Write down your four. Carry your two. Eight times two equals 16. Plus the two we carried over equals 18. Write down your eight. Carry your one. Then, we multiply eight times two again, which equals 16, plus one, 17.

From here, we need to subtract 1784 from 1962. In the tens place, we can’t take four from two. We borrow from our six, leaving us with five hundreds and 12 tens. 12 minus four equals eight. Now, in the hundreds place, we’re trying to subtract eight from five. And that won’t work. So, we borrow from our thousands place. Take one away from 9000, we have 8000 and 15 hundreds. 15 minus eight equals seven. In the thousands place, we now have eight minus seven, which equals one.

In the ten thousands place, one minus one equal zero. We bring down the four in our ones place. And we notice something interesting. The value we were just subtracting is the same value we’re trying to divide 223 into. We already know that eight times 223 equals 1784. We can write down an eight in the quotient. And we know that when you multiply eight times 223, you get 1784. 1784 minus 1784 equal zero, indicating that there’s no remainder. 64224 divided by 223 equals 288.

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