Question Video: Adding Two Decimal Numbers Mathematics • 5th Grade

Calculate the following: 0.96 + 0.19.


Video Transcript

Calculate the following: 0.96 plus 0.19.

The first thing we need to do is line these values up vertically. This step is really important as we line up the decimal points to ensure that all the place values are lined up with each other.

In the hundredths place, we’re adding six plus nine which equals 15. We write down our five, carry our one. In the tenths place, we’re adding one plus nine plus one which equals 11. We write down our one and carry a one. After that, we need to bring down our decimal point. And finally, we’ll add the units: one plus zero plus zero equals one.

The sum here is one and 15 hundredths, 1.15 — one and 15 hundredths.

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